The World is my Workplace:
Living Library on Online Career
Listen to the inspiring life stories of the successful Remote Workers in format of Living Library event.
  • Work from Anywhere
    Many of us are curious about those cool people working from anywhere they please. A laptop, a mug of coffee, maybe near a swimming pool.
  • Work from Home
    With the COVID-19 pandemic, the world of remote work and entrepreneurship has been booming with opportunities.
  • Work in Travel
    How did they get into this lifestyle? How can they travel the world – or spend the whole day in their pajamas hugging a cat – and still get a pretty penny?
  • How?
    How we can grab them – and become successful remote workers or entrepreneurs ourselves – we tried to understand at the Living Library events.
About the Event
Each Living Library was full of discoveries!
  • 3 locations

    Events in each of the participating communities: Sofia in Bulgaria, Targu-Jiu in Romania, and Madeira in Portugal.
  • 5-7 experts

    We've invited 5-7 experts (for each of the events) that have a lot of experience in the area of remote work and entrepreneurship.
  • 30-50 guests

    Around 30-50 local young people who are trying to start or restart their careers participated in each of the local events.
  • Sharing

    We asked experts to share their stories - not only the successful and luxury part, but actually how they started, which mistakes they made, and which lessons they learned.
Living books and organizers team
About Living Library format
The Living Library is an international movement that promotes challenging prejudice through social contact.
Just like in a real library, a visitor can choose a Book from a range of titles. The difference is that Books are people, and reading is a conversation.

Social contact is known to be among the best ways to challenge prejudice, and a Living Library is a tool for that. The Living Library provides a safe environment for people to engage in a conversation within a framework of respect. The dialogue that the Living Library facilitates has the potential to challenge prejudice and break stereotypes.

The Living Library was created for the 2000 Roskilde Music Festival by a group of Danish activists who formed in response to a violent hate crime. Their idea was to use the language and mechanism of a library to facilitate conversations that challenge prejudice, thereby reducing the risk of tension and violence.

The movement flourishes and the approach is used to discuss now a larger variety of topics. It’s human stories firsthand, eventually. What can be more convincing, right?

About our Living Library

Our Living Library was about Remote Work, Online Career, Online Entrepreneurship, Moving from Office Work to Remote employment, and Digital Nomadism.

The "Books" were people who can speak about these topics from personal experience and can answer any questions of the "Readers", discuss and break stereotypes, talk about their life path that led to such employment etc., and generally better explain the advantages and disadvantages of remote work, where they find contracts, where they travel etc.

Here are some examples of our Books
For each of the "Books" we've designed a book cover with a title and book description.
How it looked and what people think of the events:
Download and use the Methodology for organizing a Living Library event on Online Career topics
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